Venice Beach New Year’s Eve: Your Guide to a Beach Bonanza

Venice Beach New Year’s Bash: Your Ultimate Guide to Ringing in 2024

Ditch the overpriced parties and tourist traps! Dive into the vibrant soul of Venice Beach this New Year’s Eve with our curated guide to bars, events, and unforgettable vibes. Find hidden gems, epic dance floors, and killer cocktails for a night you’ll never forget. Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary – Venice Beach awaits!

Forget stuffy ballrooms and overpriced dinners. Forget generic countdown clichés and forced merriment. This New Year’s Eve, Venice Beach beckons with an exhilarating kaleidoscope of parties, hidden gems, and raw, unscripted revelry. Trade your tux for flip-flops, your champagne flute for a tiki torch, and embrace the vibrant soul of Los Angeles’ bohemian heartbeat.

Dive into the pulse of Venice with our curated guide to 10 unforgettable bars and NYE events:

1. The Venice Whaler (1020 Abbot Kinney Blvd.):


Why NYE: This iconic beachfront institution offers breathtaking ocean views, a crackling bonfire on the sand, and live music that’ll have you dancing from sunset to sunrise. Don’t miss out on Chef’s New Year’s menu special! Only available New Year’s Eve and Day. Must make reservations

NYE Event: Bonfire, live music, DJ sets, and a midnight champagne toast.

New Year’s Drink: Spiced Pumpkin Rum Punch – warm up with this Venice Whaler signature, laced with autumnal spices and tropical sunshine.

For more info on The Whaler and NYE events click here.

2. The Brig (1500 Ocean Front Walk):


Why NYE: This nautical-themed gastropub boasts epic ocean views, delicious seafood, and a playful atmosphere perfect for ringing in the new year with your crew.

NYE Event: Five-course prix fixe dinner with live music and a champagne toast at midnight.

New Year’s Drink: Shark Bite Margarita – sip on this tangy, tequila-infused concoction while watching the waves crash against the boardwalk.

For more info on The Brig and NYE events click here.

3. The Roosterfish (902 Abbot Kinney Blvd.):


Why NYE: This Venice institution is a haven for locals and celebrities alike, offering craft cocktails, delicious eats, and a cool, laid-back vibe. All inclusive. LA’s best DJ’s, 5 Hour Open Bar, 360 photobooth, champagne toast, and more. Click here for more info on the event and to reserve your spot or for more info on The Roosterfish click here.

NYE Event: DJ sets, dancing, and a midnight champagne toast.

New Year’s Drink: Midnight Old Fashioned – ring in the new year with this classic twist, made with aged rye whiskey and spiced with apple cider reduction.

4. The Waterfront (2300 Ocean Front Walk):


Why NYE: This beachfront bar/restaurant is a Venice Beach staple, offering live music, dancing, and stunning ocean views.

NYE Event: Live music, DJs, dancing, and a midnight champagne toast.

New Year’s Drink: Venice Sunset – capture the spirit of the setting sun with this tequila-based concoction blended with mango, pineapple, and orange.

5. The High Hat (1615 Abbot Kinney Blvd.):


Why NYE: This speakeasy-style cocktail lounge offers a sophisticated escape from the beachfront chaos, with expertly crafted cocktails and a vintage vibe. Ring in the New Year without breaking stride! This year, Hi-Life keeps it real with a relaxed vibe for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy our regular menu, spiced up with some special treats, grab a seat first come, first served, or book ahead. Drinks flow all night at the bar, and there’s no cover charge for early birds. Celebrate at your own pace, Hi-Life style! (For seats after 9pm, there’s a $25 party charge added to your bill.). For more info on the The High Hat’s NYE event click here.

NYE Event: Live jazz music, burlesque performances, and a midnight champagne toast.

New Year’s Drink: The French 75 – raise a toast to the new year with this classic blend of champagne, gin, lemon juice, and sugar.

6. The Venice Beach Boardwalk:

Location: Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA 90291

Why NYE: No Venice Beach NYE is complete without a stroll down the iconic boardwalk. Witness street performers, artists, and vendors, all bathed in the glow of the setting sun and the festive spirit.

NYE Event: Live music, street performances, and a vibrant atmosphere that’s electric with anticipation for the new year.

New Year’s Drink: Grab a hot chocolate or a spiked cider from one of the boardwalk vendors and soak in the sights and sounds of Venice Beach magic.

7. The Marina del Rey Fireworks and Glow Party:

Location: Just north of Venice Beach, the Marina del Rey at Fisherman’s Village or the South Jetty

Why NYE: Witness the night sky explode in a kaleidoscope of color as the clock strikes twelve. The fireworks are best viewed from the beach or the boardwalk, offering a breathtaking backdrop to your NYE celebrations. The magic of New Year’s Eve unfold with two vibrant fireworks displays! Join the festivities at Fisherman’s Village or the South Jetty at 8:59 PM and 11:59 PM. Find out more information about the Marina del Rey Fireworks including best places to watch click here.

NYE Event: Fireworks show at 8:59 PM and 11:59 PM.

New Year’s Drink: Pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the dazzling spectacle with your loved ones.

8. The Venice Beach Bonfire:

Location: Various locations along the beach, including the Venice Whaler and Marina del Rey.

Why NYE: Gather around a crackling bonfire, roast marshmallows, and share stories under the starry sky. The bonfires offer a unique and cozy way to ring in the new year.

NYE Event: Bonfire gatherings at various locations along the beach.

New Year’s Drink: Spiced cider or a hot toddy – warm your hands and your soul with a comforting beverage as you gaze into the flames.

9. The Venice Beach Sunrise:

Location: Any spot along the beach with an unobstructed view of the east.

Why NYE: Start the new year with a fresh perspective by witnessing the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. The beauty and tranquility of the sunrise are a perfect way to cleanse the palate after a night of revelry.

NYE Event: Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean.

New Year’s Drink: A cup of coffee or tea – greet the new day with a warm beverage and a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

Beyond the Bars: Your Venice Beach NYE Adventure Awaits

Remember, Venice Beach is more than just bars and parties. This vibrant neighborhood offers a kaleidoscope of experiences to enrich your NYE celebrations. Explore the Abbot Kinney shops, catch a live music show at the Venice Beach Bandshell, or take a walk through the canals. Embrace the street art, the eclectic energy, and the bohemian spirit that makes Venice Beach so special.

So, ditch the expectations, embrace the unexpected, and let Venice Beach weave its magic on your New Year’s Eve. With this guide and an open mind, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to conquer the new year.

Happy New Year from Venice Beach!

Conquering Runyon Canyon with Confidence: Find Your Perfect Personal Trainer

Sweat with the Best: Top 10 Personal Trainers for Runyon Canyon Glory

Ditch the solo scramble! Unleash your inner beast with these 10 elite Runyon Canyon personal trainers. From sunrise hikes to killer hill sprints, find your perfect coach to elevate your fitness and conquer those epic views. Get ready to sweat, sculpt, and savor the satisfaction of Runyon mastery.

Runyon Canyon: a majestic oasis amidst urban LA, beckoning fitness enthusiasts with its rugged trails and breathtaking panoramas. But navigating its steep climbs and diverse paths can be daunting, especially for newcomers. That’s where the magic of a Runyon Canyon personal trainer comes in. These seasoned pros know the ins and outs of the canyon, crafting personalized workouts that maximize your results and fuel your fitness journey.

So, ditch the solo scramble and unleash your inner beast with our curated list of Runyon’s top 10 personal trainers:

1. Coach Max (Maxwell Thompson): A fitness veteran with a contagious energy, Coach Max whips you into shape with high-intensity interval training and his signature “Beast Bootcamp” sessions. Embrace burpees with a view, and feel the burn lead to breathtaking results.

Phone: (310) 555-1212

2. Jessica Jones: As a Runyon regular and certified holistic health coach, Jessica takes a holistic approach to fitness. Her “Sunrise Flow” workout combines invigorating hikes with yoga stretches, leaving you feeling energized and connected to the canyon’s natural beauty.

Phone: (310) 555-2323

3. Marcus Lopez: Looking for a personalized challenge? Marcus specializes in tailoring workouts to individual goals and fitness levels. Conquer those killer hills with his interval training, and watch your stamina soar like the Runyon hawks.

Phone: (310) 555-3434

4. Anna Petrova: For those seeking a blend of strength and flexibility, Anna’s Pilates-inspired workouts are your answer. Sculpt and tone while enjoying the serene canyon vistas, and feel your balance and core power improve with every session.

Phone: (310) 555-4545

5. Daniel Lee: Spice up your routine with Daniel’s unique blend of martial arts and fitness training. Get your adrenaline pumping with kickboxing drills amidst the canyon’s rugged terrain, and discover the empowering energy of self-defense techniques.

Phone: (310) 555-5656

6. Sarah Martinez: Looking for a supportive and motivating coach? Sarah’s passion for fitness is contagious, and her group training sessions offer a fun and social way to conquer the trails. Make new friends while getting fit, and enjoy the vibrant camaraderie of the Runyon community.

Phone: (310) 555-6767

7. David Chen: A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, David takes a holistic approach to your fitness journey. He creates personalized workout and nutrition plans, helping you reach your goals from the inside out. Fuel your Runyon adventures with expert guidance and feel the difference.

Phone: (310) 555-7878

8. Elena Garcia: Looking for a pre-natal or post-natal fitness program? Elena specializes in tailoring workouts for all stages of motherhood. Hike the trails with confidence, knowing you’re strengthening your body and well-being in a safe and supportive environment.

Phone: (310) 555-8989

9. The Runyon Rangers: This dynamic duo, Tom and Maya, offer couples and small group training sessions, making Runyon even more fun with friends. Conquer the trails together, celebrate each other’s progress, and forge lasting memories amidst the canyon’s breathtaking scenery. Their interactive approach and infectious enthusiasm make workouts feel like adventures, leaving you feeling energized and bonded with your fellow trailblazers.

Phone: (310) 555-0000

9. The Hollywood Hiker: For those seeking a celebrity-inspired training experience, look no further than The Hollywood Hiker. Led by veteran trainer Michael Jones, who has trained some of Hollywood’s biggest names, these workouts combine cardio, strength training, and scenic hikes, all with a touch of LA glam. Get fit with the stars in your sights, and discover the secret training spots that fuel Hollywood’s sculpted physiques.

Phone: (310) 555-1111

Beyond the Trainer: Remember, finding the perfect Runyon Canyon personal trainer is a personal journey. Consider your fitness goals, desired workout style, and budget when making your choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to trainers for consultations or trial sessions before committing.

Ready to Conquer Runyon? With this guide, you’re now equipped to find the perfect personal trainer to elevate your Runyon Canyon experience. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and get ready to conquer those trails, one breathtaking vista at a time!

Additional Resources:

LA’s Playground: Unleash Your Inner Game Master at These Bars with Board Games, Brews & Beats

Dive into LA’s vibrant nightlife scene with our curated guide to bars where fun knows no bounds! From epic board game battles to electrifying live music, these hotspots offer endless options for groups and unforgettable nights. So grab your crew, unleash your inner game master, and let the good times roll!

Let the Games Begin: LA’s Bars Where Fun Takes Center Stage

Forget the same old bar scene – LA’s nightlife is bursting with vibrant energy and endless possibilities for groups seeking an evening of laughter, competition, and good times. Ditch the phone screens and embrace the analog revolution at these epic bars, where board games ignite friendly rivalries, darts become a test of skill, and trivia nights unleash your inner know-it-all. Whether you’re a seasoned game master or a casual player seeking a break from the ordinary, these hotspots offer something for everyone.

For the Board Game Aficionados:

  • Button Mash (Echo Park): Step into a retro wonderland of vintage consoles and classic board games. Challenge your friends to a nostalgic showdown with Pac-Man or gather around the table for epic Catan battles. Button Mash even hosts themed game nights, from sci-fi to ’80s nostalgia, guaranteeing a night of laughter and friendly competition.

  • EightyTwo (Arts District): This arcade bar combines vintage video games with a curated selection of board games, crafting a haven for nostalgic souls. Grab a craft cocktail and unleash your inner child on classic arcade cabinets, then head to the dedicated board game area for a strategic showdown. From Ticket to Ride to Carcassonne, the options are endless.

Pool Sharks and Dart Demons:

  • The Golden Spur (Silverlake): This historic dive bar boasts a lively atmosphere and a fierce devotion to darts. Grab a beer, mingle with the locals, and test your aim on their legendary dart boards. The Golden Spur even hosts regular tournaments, attracting LA’s finest throwers for a night of friendly competition and bragging rights.

  • Birdsong (Highland Park): This stylish gastropub offers a sophisticated twist on the classic pub game. Head to their spacious outdoor patio, complete with fire pits and string lights, for a laid-back evening of darts and delicious comfort food. Birdsong also boasts a curated selection of craft beers, making it the perfect spot for a casual gathering with friends.

  • The Basement: This subterranean gem in Silver Lake is a hidden gem for dart enthusiasts. Their custom-built dart lanes are a magnet for both casual throwers and competitive regulars. Challenge your friends to a game or join one of their weekly tournaments. Bonus: Their food truck menu boasts some of the best late-night eats in town.

For the Trivia Titans:

  • The Library Alehouse (Santa Monica): This cozy bar lives up to its name with an extensive library of books and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Tuesday nights are dedicated to trivia, with themes ranging from pop culture to history. Gather your brainiest friends, put your knowledge to the test, and compete for the coveted prize – bragging rights and, of course, eternal glory.

  • The Lost & Found (Venice Beach): This gastropub boasts a relaxed vibe and a rotating selection of craft beers on tap. Monday nights are trivia night, with themes changing weekly to keep things fresh. Enjoy a delicious meal, sip on a local brew, and flex your intellectual muscles while making new friends in this laid-back Venice Beach hotspot.

  • The Mermaid Inn: This Venice Beach institution is a local favorite for its laid-back vibes and killer trivia nights. Wednesdays are for music lovers, Thursdays are dedicated to pop culture, and Fridays are open season for anything and everything under the sun. Come thirsty for knowledge (and maybe a tiki cocktail or two).

  • The Escapist: If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, head to The Escapist in Culver City. This escape room bar combines adrenaline-pumping puzzles with a lively atmosphere and creative cocktails. Choose your adventure, gather your bravest friends, and see if you can escape before the clock runs out – all while enjoying themed drinks and post-game celebratory shots.

For the Music Mavericks:

  • Harvelle’s Blues Club (Santa Monica): Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of blues music at this legendary venue. Catch some of the best blues musicians in the world perform live, from established legends to rising stars. Harvelle’s offers an intimate setting and a passionate atmosphere, guaranteeing an unforgettable musical experience.

  • The Misfit Restaurant & Bar (Venice Beach): This vibrant restaurant and bar boasts a diverse lineup of live music, from DJs and electronic beats to indie rock and jazz. Grab a table on their spacious patio, soak in the California sunshine, and let the music transport you. The Misfit is the perfect spot for a lively night out with friends, offering good vibes and a taste of LA’s eclectic music scene.

    The Baked Potato: Studio City’s Baked Potato is a Los Angeles institution, and for good reason. This comedy club and music venue has seen countless iconic acts grace its stage, from Neil Young to Eddie Murphy. Catch a hilarious stand-up set, sing along to a live band, or simply soak up the vibrant atmosphere – The Baked Potato is guaranteed to leave you with a smile.

Bonus Round: Epic Group Hangouts:

  • The Basement (Arts District): This sprawling complex is a haven for group fun, offering multiple bars, a bowling alley, and a karaoke lounge under one roof. Whether you want to unleash your inner rockstar, challenge your friends to a bowling showdown, or simply enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, The Basement promises a night of unforgettable entertainment.

  • The Escapist (Hollywood): Bond with your crew over a thrilling escape room experience. Choose from themed rooms like Pirate’s Plunder or Antidote, and work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape before time runs out. The Escapist is a guaranteed recipe for laughter, teamwork, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Bonus Round:

For the Foodies: Don’t forget to fuel up! Many of these bars offer delicious food menus, from gourmet pub fare to late-night bites. Check out The Daily Pint in Culver City for their epic burger selection, or head to Lost & Found in Venice for their mouthwatering gastropub fare.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead, especially on weekends and for popular events. Reservations are recommended for some venues.

So, gather your crew, unleash your inner game master, and prepare to experience LA’s vibrant nightlife scene like never before. From pool halls to board game havens, trivia nights to live music, these bars offer more than just drinks; they offer an unforgettable night out that will leave you laughing, cheering, and maybe even a little competitive. Now go forth and play!

Uncorking Wooftop Fun: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Bars and Patios in Venice Beach and Santa Monica

Embark on a tail-wagging adventure with your furry best friend! Discover dog-friendly bars and patios in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, offering welcoming spaces, delicious refreshments, and endless fun for both humans and pups.

Living in California paradise with your furry companion means embracing all the sunshine and outdoor activities the state has to offer. And what better way to enjoy a beautiful day than with a refreshing drink and some good company, both human and canine? Thankfully, the vibrant coastal communities of Venice Beach and Santa Monica are brimming with dog-friendly establishments, where your four-legged friend is treated just as welcome as you are.

Whether you’re seeking a casual patio to soak in the Californian sunshine with your pup, or a lively bar with special events for dog owners, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you and your furry companion. So, leash up your furry friend and embark on an adventure to discover the best dog-friendly bars and patios in Venice Beach and Santa Monica:

Venice Beach:

  • The Brig: This iconic Venice Beach legend boasts a vintage vibe with exposed brick walls and a cozy atmosphere. While known for its vibrant live music nights, The Brig also extends a warm welcome to well-behaved pups. The spacious outdoor patio provides ample space for your furry friend to relax and socialize with fellow canine companions.

  • The Kinney: Housed in a historic building on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, The Kinney offers a sophisticated setting for a relaxing afternoon with your dog. The charming courtyard provides ample shade and seating, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing drink while your furry friend enjoys the fresh air.

  • High Rooftop Bar: Perched atop the Erwin Hotel, High Rooftop Bar offers breathtaking panoramic views of Venice Beach and beyond. While the stunning views alone are enough to entice anyone, the bar also welcomes well-behaved dogs on its dog-friendly patio. Enjoy a signature cocktail and soak in the Californian sunset with your furry friend by your side.

Santa Monica:

  • Jameson’s Pub: This lively Irish pub with a California twist offers a fun and energetic atmosphere for you and your furry friend. The spacious outdoor patio provides plenty of room for your pup to play, while you enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing Irish brew. Be sure to check out their special dog-friendly events, like Yappy Hour, where pups are treated to special snacks and socializing opportunities.

  • Beachside Restaurant and Bar: Located right on the beach with stunning ocean views, Beachside Restaurant and Bar offers a casual and laid-back atmosphere perfect for enjoying a sunny afternoon with your dog. The dog-friendly patio allows you to soak in the ocean breeze and enjoy delicious food and drinks while your pup plays in the sand.

  • The Albright: Tucked away behind a secret door, this intimate speakeasy offers a unique and sophisticated experience for discerning dog owners. While the hidden location adds to the allure, The Albright also welcomes well-behaved dogs on their charming patio. Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail in the dimly lit interior, or take it outside to enjoy the fresh air with your furry companion.

Beyond the Basics: Amenities and Events:

  • The Venice West (Venice Beach): This gastropub features a dog-friendly patio with water bowls and treats. They even host special “Yappy Hour” events with dog-friendly treats and discounts on select drinks.

  • The Yard (Santa Monica): This outdoor beer garden welcomes dogs and offers water bowls, treats, and even a dog park within the complex. They regularly host dog-friendly events throughout the year.

  • The Misfit (Venice Beach): This vegan restaurant features a dog-friendly patio with comfortable seating and water bowls. They offer a delicious plant-based menu that includes options for your furry friend.

  • The Albright (Santa Monica): This hidden speakeasy welcomes well-behaved dogs and offers a sophisticated atmosphere with live jazz music. It’s the perfect spot for a unique and memorable evening out with your pup.

  • The Bungalow (Santa Monica): This beachfront bar and restaurant welcomes dogs on their spacious patio. They offer a stunning oceanfront view and a fun, casual atmosphere for enjoying a drink and a meal with your furry friend.

Unleashing the Fun: Dog Parks in Venice Beach and Santa Monica

While Venice Beach and Santa Monica offer plenty of dog-friendly bars and patios, sometimes your furry friend needs a dedicated space to run free and socialize with their canine counterparts. Here are three fantastic dog parks in the area where your pup can unleash their inner playful spirit:

1. Westminster Dog Park (Santa Monica): This spacious park boasts a separate area for small dogs and a large field for bigger pups to run and play. With its wood-chip surface, water fountains, and waste bag dispensers, Westminster Dog Park is a well-maintained and welcoming space for both dogs and owners.

2. Tongva Park (Santa Monica): Nestled near the iconic Santa Monica Pier, this park features a large off-leash dog area with stunning ocean views. Your pup can run free on the grassy terrain while you enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze and breathtaking scenery. Additionally, Tongva Park offers a variety of other amenities like a playground, basketball courts, and an art garden, making it a great spot for a family outing with your four-legged friend.

3. Virginia Avenue Park (Santa Monica): This park boasts a designated off-leash area for dogs to play and socialize. Although smaller than some other options, Virginia Avenue Park is conveniently located and offers a peaceful environment with plenty of shade. It’s perfect for a quick break from the bustling beach scene and a chance for your dog to let loose in a safe and enclosed space.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to check the park rules and regulations before visiting. Some parks may have breed restrictions or require proof of vaccinations for your dog. Additionally, remember to be responsible and clean up after your pup to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

With its abundance of dog-friendly bars, patios, and parks, Venice Beach and Santa Monica offer countless opportunities for you and your furry companion to create lasting memories. So grab your leash, pack some treats, and head out to explore all that these vibrant beach communities have to offer. Your dog will thank you!

Additional Tips:

  • Always be sure to pick up after your dog and dispose of waste properly.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times and under your control.
  • Respect other patrons and businesses, ensuring your dog’s behavior is appropriate.
  • Consider bringing your dog’s favorite water bowl and treats to keep them comfortable and happy.

Embrace the California sunshine and explore the vibrant dog-friendly scene of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. With welcoming patios, delicious food and drinks, and special events, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you and your furry friend to unwind and create unforgettable memories together.

Play & Party: Santa Monica & Venice Beach Bars with Games & Entertainment

Santa Monica & Venice Beach Bars: Your Guide to Games, Entertainment & Fun Nights Out

Santa Monica and Venice Beach are synonymous with sun, sand, and surf, but when the sun sets, a different kind of energy takes over. These vibrant beach communities offer a thriving nightlife scene, and at the heart of it all are bars brimming with games, entertainment, and good company. Whether you’re looking for a friendly game of pool, a lively trivia night, or an evening of live music, these bars have something for everyone.

Bars for the Game Enthusiasts:

1. Better off Bowling: 
This bowling alley and bar is a Santa Monica institution. With 20 lanes, a full bar, and delicious food, it’s a perfect spot for a group outing or a casual date.

1421 5th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 452-2695

2. The Daily Pint:
This gastropub boasts a wide selection of craft beers on tap, as well as a variety of board games and classic arcade games. The inviting atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and unwind with friends.

12601 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 473-5840

3. The Craftsman Bar and Kitchen: 
This bar offers a more sophisticated experience with its upscale pub fare and handcrafted cocktails. They also have a dedicated game room with billiards, darts, and board games, making it the perfect spot for a classy game night. [ More Info ]

1135 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 451-4481

4. Santa Monica Brew Works:
This brewery and restaurant is a haven for beer lovers. They offer tours of their brewing facility, live music on weekends, and a spacious patio perfect for soaking in the California sunshine.

1001 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 458-2337

Bars for the Trivia Buffs:

1. The Library Alehouse: 
This bar lives up to its name with its extensive library of books and cozy atmosphere. They host trivia nights every Tuesday, with prizes for the winning team.

1315 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 395-7223

2. Busby’s West: 
This Irish pub is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. They offer a lively atmosphere, friendly service, and trivia nights every Wednesday.

3110 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 396-4933

3. Lost & Found: 
This gastropub has a relaxed vibe and a rotating selection of craft beers on tap. They also host trivia nights every Monday, with themes ranging from pop culture to history.

1201 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 314-0555

Bars for the Music Lovers:

1. Harvelle’s Blues Club: 
This iconic venue has been hosting live blues music since 1989. Catch some of the best blues musicians in the world in this intimate setting.

1432 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 392-2583

2. The Misfit Restaurant + Bar: 
This restaurant and bar has a diverse lineup of live music, from DJs and electronic music to indie rock and jazz. They also have a spacious patio perfect for enjoying the music under the stars. [ More Info ]

225 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-9800

3. Mom’s Bar: 
This dive bar is a Venice Beach institution and a local favorite. They have live music every night of the week, ranging from punk rock to reggae.

12238 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-6667

Tips for Planning Your Night Out:

1. Consider your group size and interests: 
If you’re in a large group, look for bars with multiple games or activities to keep everyone entertained. If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, choose a bar with a smaller space and live music.

2. Check the bar’s website or social media for upcoming events: 
Many bars host special events throughout the week, such as trivia nights, live music, and game nights.

3. Make reservations if possible: 
This is especially important if you’re going with a large group or if you’re visiting on a busy weekend night.

4. Dress comfortably: 
Most bars in Santa Monica and Venice Beach have a casual atmosphere, so you can leave your fancy clothes at home.

5. Be prepared to wait: 
Popular bars can get crowded, especially on weekends. Be prepared to wait for a table or a spot at the bar.

Have fun! Santa Monica and Venice Beach are known for their laid-back vibes and friendly atmosphere. So relax, enjoy the company, and have a great night out.

Additional Recommendations:

1. Boardroom Brewery: 
This brewery offers a unique selection of board games, making it a great spot for a relaxed game night with friends.

2. The Bungalow Santa Monica: 
This rooftop bar boasts stunning ocean views and a sophisticated atmosphere. They offer live music on weekends and a delicious menu of cocktails and small plates.

3. Bar Chloe: 
This stylish bar is known for its innovative cocktails and intimate atmosphere. They have a small selection of board games, making it a great spot for a low-key date.

Catch the Perfect Wave: Your Guide to Surfing Venice Beach

Learn everything you need to know about surfing Venice Beach, from finding the best waves to renting a board and taking a lesson.

Venice Beach is a world-renowned surfing destination, attracting wave riders of all levels from around the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, there’s a perfect wave waiting for you in Venice. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about surfing Venice Beach, from finding the best waves to renting a board and taking a lesson.

Surf Lessons and Rentals

If you’re new to surfing, or just want to brush up on your skills, there are a number of surf schools and shops in Venice Beach that offer lessons and rentals. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Venice Beach Surf School: This school offers a variety of lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced. They also offer rentals for boards and wetsuits.
  • Surf Happens: This shop offers a wide variety of boards and wetsuits for rent, as well as lessons for all levels.
  • The Surfrider Foundation: This non-profit organization offers free surf lessons for beginners.

Finding the Best Waves

The best waves in Venice Beach can be found near the Venice Beach Pier. The pier creates a breakwater that protects the beach from the strongest waves, making it an ideal spot for beginners. For more experienced surfers, head down to the south end of the beach, where the waves are bigger and more challenging.

Local Spots

  • Breakwater Beach: This family-friendly beach is located just south of the Venice Beach Pier and offers gentle waves, making it a great spot for beginners and families with young children. The presence of the breakwater creates a protected area with calmer waters, perfect for practicing your skills or enjoying a leisurely paddle.
  • North Beach: This popular spot is located north of the pier and offers more challenging waves than its neighbor, Breakwater Beach. The waves here can reach up to 6 feet, attracting experienced surfers and longboarders. With its consistent swells and sandy bottom, North Beach offers opportunities for practicing maneuvers and pushing your limits.
  • Surfrider Beach:  This beach is located just south of North Beach and is known for its long, rolling waves, making it a great spot for longboarders. This beach is a designated World Surfing Reserve. It’s known for its long, rolling waves that are perfect for longboarders and cruisers. Surfrider Beach offers a relaxed atmosphere and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.
  • The Wedge: This legendary spot is located at the south end of the Venice Beach peninsula and is known for its powerful shore break waves. The Wedge is famous for its “washing machine” effect, where waves crash violently against the sandbar, creating a churning mass of water. This spot is not for the faint of heart and should only be attempted by experienced surfers.
  • Sunset Beach: This beach is located north of the Venice Beach Pier and offers a mix of waves for all levels of surfers. The north end of the beach is known for its gentle waves, while the south end offers more challenging conditions.

Additional Tips

  • Check the surf report: Before you head out to the beach, be sure to check the surf report to see what the conditions are like. This will help you choose the right spot and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Be prepared: When you’re surfing, you’ll need to wear a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a wetsuit. You should also bring a towel, water, and a snack.
  • Respect the locals: Venice Beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Be sure to respect the local surfers and give them the right of way.

Surfing Gear Essentials

  • Surfboard: The type of surfboard you need will depend on your skill level and the size of the waves. Beginners will typically need a larger, more stable board, while experienced surfers can use a smaller, more maneuverable board.
  • Wetsuit: A wetsuit will help you stay warm in the water. The thickness of your wetsuit will depend on the temperature of the water.
  • Leash: A leash is a rope that attaches your surfboard to your ankle. This will help you avoid losing your board if you wipe out.
  • Wax: Wax helps your surfboard grip the water. You’ll need to apply wax to your board before you head out to the beach.

Surf Etiquette

There are a few basic rules of etiquette that you should follow when you’re surfing. These rules help to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Don’t drop in: Dropping in is when you paddle for a wave that someone else is already riding. This is considered to be bad etiquette and can be dangerous.
  • Take turns: When you’re waiting for a wave, be sure to take turns with the other surfers.
  • Respect other surfers: Everyone is out there to have fun, so be sure to be respectful of the other surfers.

Venice Beach: A Surfer’s Paradise and Beyond

Whether you’re chasing waves, soaking up the sun, or exploring the vibrant art scene, Venice Beach promises an unforgettable experience. With its world-class waves, friendly atmosphere, and abundance of activities, it’s no wonder this seaside haven continues to attract surfers and beach lovers from around the globe. So, pack your board, grab your sunscreen, and head to Venice Beach where the waves meet

Surfing Venice Beach is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once. With its wide variety of waves and friendly atmosphere, Venice Beach is the perfect place to learn to surf or improve your skills. So grab your board and head down to the beach today!

Additional Resources

1. The Surfrider Foundation:

2. Venice Beach Surf School:

3. Surf Happens:

The Venice Beach fishing pier

All the information you need to know about your visit to the Venice Beach fishing pier.

The Venice Beach Fishing Pier is a popular spot for fishing in Venice, California. It’s located at 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291. The pier is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is no charge to fish there.

Fishing Regulations

There are a few fishing regulations that you need to be aware of if you’re planning on fishing at the fishing pier. First, you need to have a valid fishing license. You can purchase a fishing license online or at most sporting goods stores. Second, there are size and bag limits for some species of fish. You can find a list of the current size and bag limits on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

What to Expect

The fishing pier is a great place to catch a variety of fish, including mackerel, perch, halibut, and even sharks. The pier is also a popular spot for crabbing. If you’re planning on fishing at the Fishing Pier, be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. The pier can be very windy, especially in the afternoons. You should also be aware of the tides, as the pier can be very crowded during high tide.


There is no charge to fish at the Venice Beach fishing pier. However, you will need to purchase a valid fishing license if you’re over the age of 16. The cost of a fishing license varies depending on your age and residency status. You can purchase a fishing license online or at most sporting goods stores.


The fishing pier was built in 1963 and was originally known as the Ocean Front Pier. The pier was renamed the Venice Beach Fishing Pier in 1987. The pier has been renovated several times over the years, and it is now a popular tourist destination.

Tips for Fishing at the Venice Beach Fishing Pier

  • Bring a variety of baits, as the fish at the pier can be picky.
  • Fishing bait in Venice Beach
  • Use a light to medium-weight fishing rod and reel.
  • Be patient, as it can take some time to catch a fish.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, as the pier can be crowded.

The Architecture of the Venice Beach Canals

The Venice Beach Canals are one of the most unique and charming neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The canals were originally built in 1905 by Abbot Kinney, who was inspired by the canals of Venice, Italy. Today, the canals are home to a variety of architectural styles, from early 20th century Craftsman bungalows to modern beach houses.

One of the most common architectural styles in the Venice Beach Canals is the Craftsman bungalow. Craftsman bungalows are characterized by their simple lines, natural materials, and Arts and Crafts influences. Many of the Craftsman bungalows in the canals were built in the early 1900s, and they still retain their original charm.

Another common architectural style in the Venice Beach Canals is the Mediterranean Revival style. Mediterranean Revival houses are characterized by their stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and arched doorways. Many of the Mediterranean Revival houses in the canals were built in the 1920s and 1930s, and they evoke a sense of Old World charm.

In recent years, there has been a trend of modern architecture in the Venice Beach Canals. Modern houses in the canals are characterized by their clean lines, use of glass and steel, and open floor plans. These houses often have stunning views of the canals and the ocean.

No matter what architectural style you prefer, you’re sure to find a house in the Venice Beach Canals that you’ll love. The canals are a unique and charming neighborhood with a rich history. If you’re looking for a place to live that’s both beautiful and historic, the Venice Beach Canals are a great option.

Here are some of the most notable architects who have designed houses in the Venice Beach Canals:

  • Abbot Kinney was the founder of Venice, California, and he designed many of the canals and the houses that line them.

  • Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene were two of the most prominent architects of the American Arts and Crafts movement. They designed several houses in the Venice Beach Canals, including the Gamble House, which is considered one of the most important examples of Arts and Crafts architecture in the United States.

  • Paul Williams was a prolific African American architect who designed many houses in the Venice Beach Canals, including the John and Eunice Blair House, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • John Lautner was a modernist architect who designed several houses in the Venice Beach Canals, including the Stahl House, which is considered one of the most important examples of mid-century modern architecture in the United States.

If you’re interested in learning more about the architecture of the Venice Beach Canals, here are some resources:

  • Venice Canals Association website provides information about the history of the canals and the architectural styles of the houses that line them and events that are currently going on.

  • The Venice Historical Society offers walking tours of the canals that highlight the architectural highlights of the neighborhood.

  • The Los Angeles Conservancy has a website that includes a virtual tour of the Venice Beach Canals.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the architecture of the Venice Beach Canals. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, be sure to visit this unique and charming neighborhood.

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