Wurstküche Venice

Wurstkuche Beer Hall & Restaurant Venice

While technically not on Venice Beach this German bar and Restaurant had to be added to the site. The unusual beers on tap and the even more unique sausages are a must stop when visiting Venice. From Bratwurst to Rabbit to even a rattle snake sausage Wurstküche has something you haven’t had, but need to try. The tables are communal so its very easy to meet a new friend or talk to old ones. Its a short bike ride from the Venice Beach Boardwalk and if you have a chance check it out.

wurstkuche sausages and beer hall


625 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


(310) 392-4040



For Reservations:

p: 310-392-4040
No Reservations its a Beer Hall

Wurstkuche Exotic Sausage List

 Buffalo, Beef & Pork Sausage  with Chipotle Peppers
( Smoky chipotle flavor )
 Duck & Bacon Sausage with Jalapeño Peppers
( Succulent & packed with flavor )
  Rattlesnake & Rabbit Sausage with Jalapeño Peppers
( Buttery & mildly spicy )
 Rabbit & Pork Sausage with Leeks & Carrots
( Light & clean )
  Lamb with Mediterranean Spices Sausage
( Flavorful & completely pork free )
 Pheasant with Herbs de Provence Sausage
( Juicy & savory )

Wurstkuche Gourmet Sausage List

 Mango Jalapeño Chicken & Turkey Sausage $7.50
 Chicken Apple & Spices Sausage
( Apple & Specks of Cinnamon, Pork free )
 Austin Blues Hot and Apicy Sausage
( Tri-pepper & Hardwood Smoked Pork )
  Sun Dried Tomato & Mozzarella Smoked Sausage
( Chicken & Turkey Sausage )
  Filipino Maharlika Sweet Sausage
( Pork, Natural Seasonings )
 Kielbasa Polish Style Sausage
( Pork & Beef, Onions & Spices )
 Louisiana Hot Link Beef
( Pork Onions & Hot Spices )


No reservations it is Beer Hall style.


Monday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Tuesday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Wednesday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Thursday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Friday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Saturday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM
Sunday 11:00AM  – 12:00AM


Wurstküche- Venice, CA

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