33 Ways to Explore Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and LA with Crypto in Your Pocket

Discover how crypto is transforming the SoCal experience. From surf competitions to NFT art strolls, here’s how to unlock unique adventures with your digital wallet.

Sunshine, surf, and… Satoshi? The Californian dream gets a digital upgrade with these unique experiences, all unlocked by the magic of crypto. Ditch the fiat, grab your hardware wallet, and prepare to reimagine SoCal with your blockchain buds.

Venice Beach:

  • NFT Art Stroll Down Abbot Kinney: Ditch the galleries, curate your own. Scan augmented reality murals with your phone to collect hidden NFTs, or barter your own digital masterpieces for beachside smoothies. Learn more at https://decrypt.co/68536/bright-moments-nft-art-installation-is-bringing-the-venice-ca-counter-culture-into-web-3-0.

  • Doge Day at Muscle Beach: Pump iron the crypto way. Tip dogecoin to personal trainers, wager on weightlifting competitions, or buy limited-edition “Pump Doge” protein powder with your gains.

  • Surf’s Up, Crypto Punks: Ditch the entry fees and score prime spots at legendary surf competitions like the Venice Beach Open using your crypto for VIP access and exclusive experiences. Imagine shredding alongside pros while the blockchain hums in your pocket.

  • Crypto Coffee and Conversation: Fuel your wanderlust with a latte at trendy Decentraland Cafe, where you can pay with your favorite tokens and mingle with fellow crypto enthusiasts. Discussions about the next big coin are guaranteed to be hotter than the oat milk latte.

Santa Monica:

  • Whale Watching with the Ocean DAO: Join a decentralized community dedicated to ocean conservation. Fund research trips with your crypto, track humpback migrations on a shared blockchain dashboard, and vote on the next protected marine area.

  • Third Street Promenade Scavenger Hunt: Forget souvenirs, chase digital treasures. Solve riddles hidden in augmented reality storefronts, collect geo-cached NFTs along the pier, and redeem your loot for real-world rewards at local shops.

  • Beachside Beats with Sound.xyz: Ditch the cover charge, tip the DJ directly. Groove to live music sets curated by a DAO, vote on your favorite tracks with your tokens, and own a piece of the next viral hit through fractional ownership NFTs.

  • Paddleboard Paradise: Glide across the Pacific with a crypto-powered paddleboard rental. No cash, no hassle, just you, the sun, and the endless blue horizon, all booked and paid for with a few clicks. For more info click https://www.pacificpaddleboardsandfitness.com/.

  • Shop Like a Star: Ditch Rodeo Drive and hit the Santa Monica Pier with your crypto. Score unique beachwear from sustainable brands using your digital currency, and support eco-conscious businesses while looking good. Score unique beachwear from sustainable brands like Salt & Stone (2000 Ocean Ave) using your digital currency. Support eco-conscious businesses while looking good.

  • Catch a Crypto-Sponsored Flick: Grab your popcorn and dive into a movie night under the stars at the iconic Santa Monica Pier. Pay for tickets and concessions with your crypto wallet, and experience the magic of cinema with a futuristic twist. For more info just go ahead and click https://pacpark.com/restaurants-santa-monica-pier/ 

Los Angeles:

  • Hollywood Sign Hike with the Metaverse Mtn. Club: Ditch the selfie stick, build your own augmented reality trail. Climb Runyon Canyon with fellow crypto enthusiasts, collect AR souvenirs along the path, and mint your summit photo as an NFT to prove your digital Everest.

  • Crypto Cuisine Crawl: Ditch the guidebook, follow the blockchain. Embark on a culinary adventure fueled by DeFi. Pay for fusion tacos with DAI, bid on exclusive chef’s tables with NFTs, and earn tokens for leaving rave reviews on a decentralized food critic platform.

  • Rooftop Cinema Under the Crypto Stars: Ditch the multiplex, rent a rooftop with your DAO. Project indie flicks onto skyscrapers with laser projectors, vote on the next screening with your tokens, and pay concessions with stablecoins for a truly cosmic experience.

  • Street Art Safari: Explore the vibrant murals of L.A.’s Arts District with a curated NFT art tour. Use your crypto to unlock exclusive access to hidden gems and secret galleries, and discover the city’s creative spirit through the lens of blockchain. For more NFT art tour info go here https://boominginla.com/la-arts-district-graffiti-mural-tour-la-art-tours/

  • Crypto Cuisine: From Michelin-starred tasting menus to plant-based food trucks, L.A.’s culinary scene is now open to crypto payments. Experience the diverse flavors of the city without ever touching your wallet. More info can by had here : https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/story/2022-06-24/this-restaurant-is-crypto-themed-you-still-have-to-pay-in-dollars

  • Rooftop Revelry: Take your crypto to new heights with exclusive access to rooftop parties and cocktail bars with stunning city views. Mingle with influencers, sip on craft cocktails, and soak in the SoCal sunset, all powered by the future of finance. Mingle with influencers, sip on craft cocktails, and soak in the SoCal sunset at Perch (4400 Sunset Blvd) or Mama Shelter (6500 Selma Ave), all powered by the future of finance.

Bonus Round:

  • Catch a wave with a decentralized surf school, funded by the community.
  • Support local artists by buying their music directly as NFTs.
  • Fund a street art project through a crowdfunding DAO and immortalize your name on a Venice wall.
  • Bet on the outcome of your favorite basketball game with on-chain sports predictions.
  • Rent a swanky Tesla with your crypto and cruise down PCH in style.

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Pro Tip: Remember, DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before diving into any crypto project. Stay safe, stay savvy, and stay stoked!

Let’s get exploring, LA! The blockchain beach beckons.

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