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Venice Beach Bars - Happy Hour, Brunch, and Drink Specials

Welcome to

Welcome to the site. We are nearly created in order to help cover the happy hours, brunches, food and drink specials for Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Beach Area. The information on the site will be updated and new information on bars will be added daily.

Why a list of Happy Hours?

While living in the area we noticed it was hard to keep up on the drink and food specials across all of the bars in the area. It seemed that in order to find any of this information a lot of time was spent on googling. We noticed that it was pretty hard to final a complete list that covered all of the active specials and happy hour.

What Next?

More and more bars will be added over time and the information on all the happy hour will also be updated. If you see any mistakes or if any happy hour specials have ended, please drop us a line.

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