Hollywood New Year’s Guide: Your Glittering Gateway to a Stellar Soiree

Hollywood New Year’s Bash: Your Ultimate Guide to Ringing in 2024

Forget Times Square crowds and overpriced dinners. This New Year’s Eve, trade the concrete jungle for the shimmering oasis of Hollywood. Where dreams dance on celluloid screens and champagne bubbles like applause, prepare for a night bathed in the glow of neon and bursting with the energy of a thousand premieres.

This guide is your ticket to an unforgettable Hollywood countdown, curated for every kind of reveler, from the red carpet-ready to the underground art enthusiasts. So, brush off your sequins, loosen your inhibitions, and get ready to paint the town (and your Instagram feed) with a brushstroke of unforgettable memories.

Sunset Sizzle:

As the sun dips below the Hollywood sign, ignite your night with a fiery farewell at Mama Shelter’s rooftop bar (6500 Selma Ave). Perched above the Sunset Strip, this vibrant oasis boasts panoramic views, pulsating beats, and a cocktail menu designed for Hollywood royalty. Raise a toast to the setting sun with their “Sunset Siren”, a heady mix of tequila, Aperol, grapefruit, and a whisper of agave, as the sky melts into hues of orange and amethyst.

Spotlight on the Strip:

No Hollywood New Year’s Eve is complete without a stroll down the iconic Sunset Strip. From the rock ‘n’ roll haven of Whiskey a Go Go (8901 Sunset Blvd) to the glamorous speakeasy vibes of The Blind Rabbit (1147 Vine St), the Strip pulsates with endless possibilities. Pop into The Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset Blvd) for a live music extravaganza, or join the dancefloor frenzy at The Viper Room (8822 Sunset Blvd) where legends were born and memories are made. For something truly unique, slip into Employees Only (718 Santa Monica Blvd) – a hidden gem behind a vintage clothing store facade, serving up award-winning cocktails in a clandestine atmosphere.

Glitterati Gala:

If your inner star craves the red carpet treatment, don your finest attire and head to The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (7000 Hollywood Blvd). This historic landmark, birthplace of the Oscars, throws a legendary New Year’s Eve bash in their iconic Blossom Ballroom. Dance the night away to live music, savor gourmet bites, and raise a glass of Veuve Clicquot as the clock strikes midnight under a shower of fireworks.

Beyond the Boulevard:

For a more alternative experience, dive into the vibrant depths of Silver Lake. The Silverlake Lounge (2909 Sunset Blvd) offers a laid-back vibe, delicious cocktails, and a mix of indie music and DJs, perfect for shaking off the glitz and glam. If you’re craving something truly bohemian, head to The Satellite (1200 N Alameda Blvd) – a haven for underground bands and artistic souls, where your New Year’s resolution might just be to join a mosh pit.

Fuel Your Festivities:

Hollywood’s nightlife is a tapestry of vibrant bars and dazzling cocktails. Here are five venues to ignite your New Year’s Eve bar crawl:

1. The Spare Room: (707 S Hill St) This Hollywood institution is a haven for bowling enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs alike. Grab a lane, unleash your inner champion, and toast to strikes with their “Hollywood Highball”, a potent blend of bourbon, ginger ale, and a touch of citrus.

2. Mama Shelter: (6517 Hollywood Blvd) Escape to a Parisian oasis in the heart of Hollywood. This rooftop bar boasts panoramic city views, a vibrant DJ scene, and a menu of French-inspired cocktails. Sip on their “Midnight in Montmartre”, a bubbly blend of champagne, elderflower liqueur, and rosemary, for a touch of Parisian elegance.

3. The Edison: (108 W 2nd St) Step back in time at this Art Deco speakeasy. Hidden behind a bookshelf door, The Edison transports you to the roaring twenties with live jazz, burlesque performances, and handcrafted cocktails. Indulge in their “Speakeasy Sour”, a tart and refreshing blend of gin, lemon juice, egg white, and a touch of absinthe, for a taste of the forbidden.

4. The Abbey: (692 N Robertson Blvd) Immerse yourself in the heart of West Hollywood’s LGBTQ+ scene. The Abbey is a vibrant bar with a spacious patio, live music, and a diverse cocktail menu. Share their “Rainbow Punch”, a fruity and festive blend of vodka, rum, tequila, and tropical juices, for a toast to inclusivity and joy.

5. Wonderland: (1737 N Vermont Ave) Enter a whimsical wonderland at this immersive cocktail bar. From Alice in Wonderland-themed decor to playful cocktails served in teacups, Wonderland provides an escape from reality. Sip on their “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, a sweet and sour concoction of gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and edible flowers, for a touch of whimsical magic.

Beyond the Bars:

Hollywood’s New Year’s Eve isn’t just about cocktails and crowds. Catch a live show at the iconic Comedy Store or the Dolby Theatre. Dance the night away at the Avalon or the Fonda Theatre. Or, for a truly unique experience, take a guided ghost tour and explore the spooky side of Hollywood’s history.

Remember: Hollywood is a city of dreams, so dress to impress! Ditch the sweatpants and embrace the glitz and glamour. Be respectful of the locals and fellow revelers, and leave no trace in this magical city.

So, grab your sequins, your best dancing shoes, and your sense of adventure. Hollywood awaits, ready to paint your New Year’s Eve with the colors of dreams and unforgettable memories.

Hollywood Unbound: Unleash Your Inner Starlet with Red Carpet-Ready Makeup in West LA

West LA thrums with the pulse of glamour and ambition, a canvas where everyday faces transform into red carpet-worthy masterpieces. Whether you’re an influencer gracing the pages of virtual fame, a partygoer seeking a dazzling debut, or a bride walking down the aisle, the magic of a transformative makeover awaits. Let these renowned West LA makeup artists guide you towards your own Hollywood ending:

1. The Beauty Alchemist: Priscilla Ono

Website: http://www.priscillaono.com/
Instagram: @priscillaonomakeup

Priscilla Ono is more than a makeup artist; she’s an architect of dreams, sculpting faces with the precision of a sculptor and the artistry of a painter. Her signature blend of airbrush and traditional techniques creates flawless canvases, while her masterful eye for color and texture ensures you’ll command attention without overshadowing your natural beauty. Priscilla’s expertise extends beyond the face, with cascading waves of hair extensions and intricate updos that complete your red carpet-ready transformation.

Booking: Visit Priscilla’s website or send a DM on Instagram to inquire about her availability and services. Be sure to mention your desired look and event details for a personalized consultation.

2. The Glam Alchemist: Sarah Tanno

Website: https://www.forwardartists.com/makeup/sarah-tanno-portfolio
Instagram: @sarahjanetanno

Sarah Tanno is a Hollywood insider, having graced the faces of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez. Her artistry transcends trends, focusing on enhancing your natural features while adding a touch of unexpected flair. Sarah’s playful use of color and textures, from shimmering metallics to bold graphic lines, guarantees a look that’s both unique and unforgettable.

Booking: Sarah’s high demand necessitates contacting her team via her website. Choose from a range of services, including full face makeup, hair styling, and on-location appointments. Be prepared for a waitlist, as her celebrity clientele keeps her calendar packed!

3. The Bridal Maestro: Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Website: https://www.instagram.com/hairandmakeupbysteph/?hl=en
Instagram: @stephaniebrinkerhoff

For brides seeking a timeless, elegant look on their special day, Stephanie Brinkerhoff is the maestro of bridal beauty. Her soft, romantic touch enhances natural features while creating a luminous glow that radiates from within. Stephanie understands the delicate balance between enhancing beauty and staying true to your individual style, ensuring you feel confident and radiant throughout your wedding journey.

Booking: Contact Stephanie through her website to schedule a consultation and discuss your wedding vision. She offers various packages tailored to your needs, from full day wedding coverage to pre-wedding trials and touch-up services.

4. The Trendsetter: Katie Jane Hughes

Website: http://www.katiejanehughes.com/
Instagram: @katiejanehughes

If you’re a trend-setter craving a bold and edgy look, Katie Jane Hughes is your makeup muse. Her artistry pushes boundaries, embracing unexpected color palettes and textures to create looks that are as avant-garde as they are captivating. Katie’s fearlessness and playful spirit translate into confidence-boosting transformations that will make you the life of the party.

Booking: Katie offers limited availability and prioritizes working with brands and publications. However, you can try your luck by contacting her through her website or Instagram DM. Be prepared to showcase your unique style and enthusiasm for her bold aesthetic.

5. The Modern Muse: Nikki DeLoach

Website: https://www.instagram.com/nikdeloach/?hl=en
Instagram: @nikkideloach

Nikki DeLoach is the queen of effortless glamour, her artistry exuding a Californian sun-kissed glow that’s both modern and timeless. Nikki’s focus on enhancing your natural beauty with subtle yet impactful techniques ensures you’ll feel like the best version of yourself, radiating confidence without needing to steal the spotlight.

Booking: Visit Nikki’s website to view her portfolio and book an appointment. She offers a range of services, including full face makeup, hair styling, and on-location appointments. Her warm personality and attentive approach guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Wedding Bells & Bridal Bliss: LA’s Best Makeup Artists for Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and your makeup should reflect the magic of the moment. Here are two LA-based artists who will paint your bridal portrait with exquisite artistry:

1. Stephanie Lange Makeup: Stephanie is a master of natural beauty, known for her ability to enhance your features while preserving your individuality. Her soft, glowing looks are perfect for brides who want to feel like the most radiant version of themselves on their special day. Contact Stephanie through her website or Instagram to discuss your vision and let her create a timeless makeup masterpiece for your wedding day.

2. Sonia Nicole Makeup: For brides seeking a touch of Hollywood glamour, Sonia Nicole is the artist for you. Her expertise in airbrushing and contouring creates flawless, camera-ready looks that will leave you feeling like a red carpet bride. Sonia also offers a range of hair styling services, ensuring a cohesive bridal look that is both elegant and unforgettable. Reach out to Sonia through her website or Instagram to discuss your bridal dreams and let her craft your perfect wedding day transformation.

Beyond the Brush: Pro Tips for Your Glamorous Transformation

  • Prepare your canvas: Take care of your skin with a regular skincare routine leading up to your event. Hydrated, healthy skin is the foundation for a flawless makeup application.

  • Communicate your vision: Don’t be shy! Share your desired look with your chosen artist, whether it’s a specific style or a favorite celebrity reference. The more information you provide, the better they can tailor the transformation to your vision.

  • Embrace the experience: Enjoy the process! Getting your hair and makeup done is a chance to relax and pamper yourself. Let the artist work their magic and get ready to step into the spotlight with confidence and a smile.

West LA is your canvas, and these talented artists are your brushes. So, grab your gown, your finest heels, and step into the spotlight. Your red carpet-worthy transformation awaits, ready to make you the star of your own Hollywood story.

Beyond West LA:

While these West LA gems offer a glimpse into the world of red carpet-worthy transformations, remember, the magic extends beyond geographical borders. Explore additional options based on your budget and desired aesthetic. Local salons and freelance makeup artists can offer stunning results at a more accessible price point. Do your research, read reviews, and browse Instagram portfolios to discover your own hidden gem.

Hollywood Unveiled: Your VIP Access with Luxury Concierge Services

Ditch the guidebooks and embrace VIP access

Beneath the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lies a hidden world – one where exclusive experiences and seamless navigation are orchestrated by elite concierge services. Whether you’re a seasoned A-lister or a high-profile visitor seeking an unforgettable Hollywood adventure, these VIP concierges hold the key to unlocking the city’s most coveted secrets and ensuring every moment is impeccably curated.

1. Quintessentially Beverly Hills:

Website: https://quintessentially.com/ Phone: (310) 271-8555

Quintessentially Beverly Hills is the epitome of bespoke luxury. Their team of dedicated concierges, each with a deep understanding of the city’s intricacies, meticulously craft experiences that cater to your every whim. From securing a private tour of the Getty Center after-hours to arranging a helicopter tour over the canyons and vineyards of Malibu, Quintessentially elevates every moment into an extraordinary event.

Booking: Contact Quintessentially Beverly Hills through their website or phone to discuss your desired level of service and experience. Their flexible membership options ensure you have the perfect level of access and support for your Hollywood journey.

2. Seven Valleys Luxury Concierge:

Website: http://www.conciergeofthevalley.com/ Phone: (858) 704-4840

Seven Valleys Luxury Concierge brings a touch of international sophistication to Hollywood. Their team, with connections spanning the globe, specializes in curating bespoke adventures beyond the usual tourist traps. Imagine private yacht charters to Catalina Island, VIP access to Coachella Valley Music Festival, or even a customized wine tasting tour through Napa Valley – Seven Valleys unlocks the doors to experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Booking: Seven Valleys offers a personalized approach. Contact them through their website or phone to discuss your vision for your Hollywood experience, and their team will tailor a package that exceeds your expectations.

3. Bespoke Concierge Los Angeles:

Website: https://thebespokeconcierge.com/ Phone: (323) 627-6496

Bespoke Concierge Los Angeles is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of Hollywood’s vibrant energy and personalized attention. Their team, comprised of passionate locals, excels at crafting itineraries that combine iconic landmarks with hidden gems. Imagine exploring the Runyon Canyon trails with a celebrity fitness trainer, enjoying a private after-hours shopping spree at a luxury boutique, or attending a rooftop cocktail party with breathtaking city views – Bespoke Concierge unlocks the city’s unique charm.

Booking: Contact Bespoke Concierge through their website or phone to discuss your interests and desired level of service. They offer flexible packages and à la carte options to suit your budget and preferences.

4. The Outlier Group:

Website: https://theoutliergroupllc.com/ Phone: (310) 697-6044

For those seeking adventure beyond the city lights, The Outlier Group is your ideal partner. Their team of experienced guides and outdoor enthusiasts specializes in crafting bespoke experiences that take you beyond the Hollywood bubble. Imagine private horseback riding tours through the Santa Monica Mountains, glamping under the stars in Joshua Tree National Park, or a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon – The Outlier Group pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in Hollywood.

Booking: Contact The Outlier Group through their website or phone to discuss your desired level of adventure and outdoor activities. Their team will create a personalized itinerary that combines adrenaline-pumping thrills with breathtaking scenery.

Hollywood awaits, and with these elite concierge services as your guide, you’ll experience its magic like never before. So, ditch the guidebooks and embrace the VIP life – your unforgettable Hollywood adventure begins with a single phone call.

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