LA Non-Alcohol Zero Proof bar and drink list

Raise a glass without the buzz! Explore LA’s thriving non-alcoholic bar scene with our curated list of zero-proof cocktail havens and their mouthwatering mocktail menus. Discover innovative drinks, vibrant atmospheres, and inclusive vibes for a night out that hits all the right notes (minus the hangover). Whether you’re sober-curious, health-conscious, or simply craving a delicious alternative, LA’s zero-proof scene has something for everyone. Ditch the FOMO and join the movement – your perfect non-alcoholic adventure awaits!

    141 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles 90012

    Nestled in Downtown LA, ASTERID redefines sophistication with its sleek, celestial-inspired ambiance. Sip on meticulously crafted “Lunar Elixirs” like the stargazer-worthy “Galaxy” concocted with butterfly pea tea, grapefruit, and lavender, or the refreshing “Lunar Paloma” featuring pear, lime, and agave nectar. Escape the city lights and embark on a sensory journey amidst ASTERID’s otherworldly charm.

  2. Big Bar 1929
    Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles 90027

    Head to Silver Lake for a taste of history at Big Bar 1929. Housed in a meticulously restored speakeasy-style setting, this hidden gem transports you back to a bygone era. Indulge in their innovative “Zero Proof Prohibition” cocktails, like the smoky “Spiced Pear Old Fashioned” or the bubbly “Lavender French 75.” Big Bar 1929’s vintage atmosphere and expertly crafted mocktails offer a timeless escape from the ordinary.

  3. The New Bar
    1821 Lincoln Blvd., Venice 90291

    Venice Beach beckons with The New Bar, a vibrant, design-forward haven for zero-proof enthusiasts. Soak up the Californian sunshine on their expansive patio while savoring their playful and inventive creations. The “Sunburn” blends turmeric, carrot, and orange for a tropical twist, while the “California Dreamer” combines butterfly pea tea, lemon, and elderflower for an Instagram-worthy delight. The New Bar’s laid-back vibes and creative concoctions are perfect for a Venice Beach rendezvous.

  4. Kato
    777 S Alameda St Building 1, Suite 114, Los Angeles 90021

    Embrace Japanese-inspired elegance at Kato in Downtown LA. This sleek and stylish spot elevates the non-alcoholic experience with their unique “Spiritless Cocktails.” Immerse yourself in the intimate ambiance while savoring creations like the “Yuzu Highball” featuring yuzu soda, lime, and shiso, or the delicately balanced “Sakura Fizz” infused with cherry blossom and jasmine.

  5. The Maybourne Bar
    225 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills 90210

    Beverly Hills exudes glamour at The Maybourne Bar, housed within the luxurious The Maybourne Beverly Hills hotel. Step into a world of old-world charm and indulge in their expertly crafted “Zero Proof Classics” with a twist. The “Paloma Sin Alcohol” blends grapefruit, lime, and agave nectar for a refreshing twist on the traditional, while the “Negroni Sbagliato” offers a complex symphony of flavors minus the alcohol. The Maybourne Bar’s timeless elegance and impeccable service promise an unforgettable zero-proof experience.

  6. Umbrella Hospitality at Melrose Umbrella Co
    7465 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 90046

    Melrose Avenue comes alive with Umbrella Hospitality’s vibrant offering. This chic outdoor pop-up, nestled within a charming umbrella store, boasts an ever-changing lineup of curated non-alcoholic pop-ups. From boozy kombucha bars to innovative mocktail creators, Umbrella Hospitality offers a dynamic and unexpected zero-proof adventure. Keep an eye on their calendar for the latest featured vendors and prepare to be surprised and delighted.

  7. Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Miramar
    101 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Escape to Santa Monica’s beachfront haven at the Lobby Lounge within the Fairmont Miramar. This ocean-view oasis provides the perfect setting to unwind with their “Elevated Mocktails.” Sip on the refreshing “Sunset Spritz” infused with hibiscus, elderflower, and sparkling water, or the tropical “Pineapple Express” bursting with pineapple, lime, and jalapeño. The Lobby Lounge’s stunning views and expertly crafted mocktails offer a touch of luxury and coastal bliss.

  8. Soulmate
    631 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood 90069

    West Hollywood welcomes you with open arms at Soulmate. This cozy and inviting space champions inclusivity and celebrates mindful living. Their thoughtfully crafted “Elixirs” emphasize fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique flavor combinations. The “Honey Lavender Cooler” offers a soothing floral escape, while the “Spicy Paloma” packs a flavorful punch with grapefruit, jalapeño, and lime. Soulmate’s warm atmosphere and commitment to wellness create a welcoming space for all to enjoy.

  9. Boisson
    11762 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles 90049

    Brentwood’s Boisson promises a French-inspired escape. This intimate bistro boasts a charming Parisian garden patio and a menu featuring “Sans Alcool” cocktails designed to tantalize your taste buds. The “French 75 Sans Alcool” reimagines the classic with sparkling pear juice, lemon, and elderflower, while the “Spicy Margarita Sans Alcool” offers a zesty kick with lime, agave nectar, and jalapeño. Boisson’s European flair and meticulously crafted mocktails transport you to a Parisian paradise.

  10. Soft Spirits
    3208 1/2 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90026

    Echo Park’s Soft Spirits lives up to its name with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. This neighborhood gem invites you to unwind with their “Mindful Mixers,” a playful take on classic cocktails minus the alcohol. The “Cucumber Mint Gimlet” offers a refreshing twist, while the “Spiced Pear Old Fashioned” delivers a complex and satisfying experience. Soft Spirits’ friendly vibes and approachable mocktails make it a perfect spot for a casual get-together with friends.

So, ditch the FOMO and raise a glass to the revolution!

Los Angeles’ vibrant non-alcoholic scene is no longer a fringe movement; it’s here to stay, shaking and stirring up a storm of creativity, flavor, and inclusivity. Whether you’re sober-curious, a designated driver, health-conscious, or simply looking for a fun and sophisticated alternative to the usual bar crawl, LA’s zero-proof havens have you covered.

From the inventive mocktails at Seedlip’s Alchemy, crafted with botanically distilled “non-gin” and “non-bitter”, to the tropical paradise vibes of High Proof, complete with tiki torch-lit patios and rum-alternative libations, there’s a zero-proof experience waiting to tantalize your taste buds. And for those seeking a touch of glitz and glamour, Rock & Reilly’s Hollywood location elevates the mocktail game with its art deco vibes and meticulously crafted concoctions.

But the magic of LA’s non-alcoholic scene extends beyond the drinks. These welcoming spaces create vibrant communities where anyone can celebrate, connect, and have a blast without the worry of hangovers or social pressures.

So, next time you’re in LA, skip the bar lines and dive into the exciting world of zero-proof. With its ever-evolving offerings and infectious energy, LA’s non-alcoholic scene is an experience you won’t want to miss. Remember, a night out doesn’t have to involve hangovers or missed connections. Grab your designated driver, gather your friends, and raise a glass to the revolution of taste, inclusion, and pure, unadulterated fun!

Here’s to leaving the FOMO behind and embracing the joy of living life to the fullest, one delicious zero-proof sip at a time!

Cheers to living life to the fullest, one delicious mocktail at a time!

Your Definitive Guide to California Surf Lessons

California Surf Lessons: Catch a Wave of Stoke with This Epic Guide

Shred the gnar of California’s epic coastline! Find the perfect surf lesson school, conquer beginner-friendly breaks, and score classic Californian vibes in this ultimate guide.

Catching California’s Wave: Your Ultimate Guide to Surf Lessons

Sun-kissed skin, salty hair, the exhilaration of riding a liquid rocket – California surfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. Whether you’re a landlocked dreamer or a wannabe shredder, carving into California’s waves is an experience etched in sunshine and memories. But where do you begin? Fear not, groms and geezers, for this comprehensive guide will paddle you towards your Californian surfing nirvana.

Schools of Stoke: Finding the Perfect Surf Lesson

California boasts a smorgasbord of surf schools, each with its own vibe and expertise. Choosing the right one is crucial for your learning curve. Here’s a breakdown of the key players:

  • Viator: This online marketplace aggregates lessons from various schools, offering flexibility and a one-stop shop for booking. Think Expedia for surf camps.

    Flexibility and one-stop booking: This online marketplace aggregates lessons from various schools, offering flexibility and a one-stop shop for booking. Think Expedia for surf camps.

  • Santa Barbara Surf School: Nestled in the charming coastal town of Santa Barbara, this school prioritizes personalized instruction and caters to all ages and abilities. Think boutique experience with a focus on fun.

    Phone: (805) 899-5195
    Boutique experience with a focus on fun: Nestled in the charming coastal town of Santa Barbara, this school prioritizes personalized instruction and caters to all ages and abilities.
  • Pacific Surf School: With locations in Malibu, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach, Pacific Surf School boasts renowned instructors and a progressive teaching style. Think high-performance training for aspiring shredders.

    Phone: (800) 406-SURF (7873)
    High-performance training for aspiring shredders: With locations in Malibu, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach, Pacific Surf School boasts renowned instructors and a progressive teaching style.

  • Malibu’s Elite: Learn from the legends at Zuma Jay Surfschool, where A-list instructors like Chris “C.T.” Thompson and Tom Carroll have coached stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey.

    Phone: (310) 454-8734
    Learn from the legends: Zuma Jay Surfschool boasts A-list instructors like Chris “C.T.” Thompson and Tom Carroll, who have coached stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey.

  • Santa Cruz’s Soul: Get stoked with the laid-back vibes of Santa Barbara Surf School. Their beginner-friendly waves and eco-conscious ethos make it a perfect choice for conscious surfers.

  • La Jolla’s Laid-Back: Score gnarly waves and expert guidance at La Jolla Shores Surf Camp. Their group lessons are perfect for making new surf buddies, while private sessions cater to specific needs.

  • GetYourGuide: Similar to Viator, GetYourGuide connects you with a variety of schools across California, offering competitive prices and a range of lesson packages. Think discount surf adventures for budget-conscious beginners.

Beyond the Lesson: Schools That Go the Extra Mile

Some schools go the extra mile to make your surfing dreams a reality. Here are a few standouts:

  • Pacific Surf School (Pismo Beach): This family-owned school offers “Surf Camps” with accommodation, meals, and unlimited lessons – the ultimate surf immersion experience.

    Phone: (805) 773-4794
    The ultimate surf immersion experience: This family-owned school offers “Surf Camps” with accommodation, meals, and unlimited lessons.

  • Get Wet Surf School (Huntington Beach): Learn from female instructors at this women-owned school, creating a supportive and empowering environment for aspiring surfer girls.

    Phone: (714) 847-7873
    Supportive environment for aspiring surfer girls: Learn from female instructors at this women-owned school, creating a supportive and empowering environment for aspiring surfer girls.

  • Surf Happens (San Diego): This school caters to all abilities, from grommets to adults, with adaptive surf lessons for people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can experience the joy of riding waves.

Beyond the Board: Gearing Up for Californian Glory

Once you’ve chosen your school, it’s time to channel your inner surfer dude (or dudette) with the right gear. Forget the neon wetsuit and plastic board – invest in quality equipment that will enhance your experience and respect the ocean. Here are some classic California surf stores to fuel your shopping spree:

  • Jack’s Surfboards: A Santa Monica legend since 1968, Jack’s offers hand-shaped boards, expert advice, and a vibrant community vibe. Think the Yoda of surf shops, dispensing wisdom with a smile.

  • Quiet Lion Surf Shop: Tucked away in Laguna Beach, Quiet Lion carries high-performance boards, eco-friendly apparel, and a curated selection of surf art. Think the cool older sibling who knows all the secret spots.

  • Pacific Vibrations: With locations in Huntington Beach and Newport, Pacific Vibrations is a one-stop shop for everything from wetsuits and rashguards to sunglasses and surf wax. Think the ultimate pit stop for the forgetful surfer.

Liquid Playground: California’s Best Beginner Breaks

California’s coastline is a surfer’s smorgasbord, but not every wave is created equal for newbies. Here are some beginner-friendly spots to catch your first (or twentieth) greenie:

  • Malibu: Protected by Point Dume, Malibu’s gentle swells and long rides are ideal for learning the ropes. Think gentle giants and endless practice.

  • La Jolla Shores: This protected cove in San Diego offers calm waters, a sandy bottom, and plenty of surf schools to guide your first steps. Think bathtub with built-in instructors.

  • Pismo Beach: Known for its consistent rollers and mellow vibe, Pismo is a Central California gem for beginner surfers. Think endless sunshine and laid-back learning.

  • Sunset Beach: Located in Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach offers smaller waves in the mornings, perfect for practicing before the pros take over in the afternoon. Think sunrise sessions with a side of epic watching.

Beyond the Board: Embracing the Californian Surf Culture

Surfing in California is more than just riding waves; it’s a lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the spirit by hanging ten at local beach cafes, soaking up the sun at legendary surf contests, and jamming to tunes by Jack Johnson while cruising down the coast. Remember, the stoke is just as important as the shred.

California Calling: Your Surfing Adventure Awaits

So, grab your board, sunscreen, and a healthy dose of stoke, because California’s waves are calling. With the right school, gear, and location, you’ll be carving like a pro in no time. Remember, it’s not just about conquering waves, it’s about embracing the Californian way of life. Hang loose, shred gnar, and let the good times roll!

Bonus: California surfing history

California’s Waves of History: A Legacy Carved in Sun and Salt

California and surfing—it’s a match made in sun-kissed heaven. But this iconic pairing boasts a richer, deeper history than just beach bums catching rays. From ancient Polynesian traditions to Hollywood glamour, let’s dive into the four waves that shaped California’s surfing legacy.

Wave One: Riding the Ancestral Swell (Pre-contact to the early 1900s)

Centuries before Europeans set foot on Californian shores, Polynesian voyagers rode the waves on handcrafted wooden boards, known as “papa he’e nalu.” These skilled surfers weren’t just chasing thrills; surfing held deep cultural and spiritual significance, connecting them to the ocean and their ancestors. Their legacy lived on in California’s indigenous communities, who also embraced surfing for recreation and cultural expression.

Wave Two: The Hawaiian Ambassadors (Early 1900s to the 1920s)

In 1907, the tide turned when three Hawaiian princes, David Kawananakoa, Edward Keliiahonui, and Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole, brought their surfing prowess to California. Their graceful maneuvers on redwood plank boards captivated onlookers, sparking a wave of fascination with the sport. Soon, surfing lessons and competitions began popping up along the California coast, with pioneers like George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku spreading the surfing gospel.

Wave Three: Hollywood Takes to the Waves (1920s to the 1960s)

Hollywood’s golden age coincided with surfing’s rise to mainstream popularity. Movies like “Gidget” and “Surf Party” glamorized the surfing lifestyle, attracting celebrities like Annette Funicello and Sandra Dee to the sport. Surf culture boomed, with iconic brands like Hobie and Hang Ten emerging. This era also saw the dawn of surf contests and the birth of surfing legends like Phil Edwards and Miki Dora, who pushed the boundaries of performance and style.

Wave Four: From Counterculture to Conservation (1960s to present)

The 1960s ushered in a new era of surfing, infused with the counterculture spirit. Surfers embraced environmentalism and challenged social norms, while shortboards revolutionized the sport. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard championed sustainable practices, while women like Jericho Poppler and Rell Sunn broke gender barriers in the male-dominated surf scene. Today, California surfing continues to evolve, with a focus on inclusivity, environmental stewardship, and pushing the limits of the possible.

From ancient Polynesian roots to Hollywood’s golden age and the rise of environmental consciousness, California’s surfing story is one of rich cultural exchange, innovation, and an unwavering connection to the ocean. So, the next time you paddle out into those Californian waves, remember the legacy you’re carrying on your board—a legacy carved in sun, salt, and the indomitable spirit of surfing.

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